New Technology Makes It Easier to Ride the Bus

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March 10, 2023

ANCHORAGE – The new mStop app and upgraded bus tracking technology were rolled out this week for bus riders.


The new rider tools allow for better communication between People Mover and its passengers. Riders now have access to more precise bus arrival times and personalized notifications when detours and schedule changes affect the routes they ride.


Buses are equipped with new GPS systems that allow riders to visually track their bus on a map or get a notification before the bus arrives at their stop. The technology feeds into Google’s real-time information and updates every five seconds allowing anyone to get the most reliable arrival times.


“This new technology is a major step forward for People Mover and a huge win for our riders. We strive to be fast, frequent, and reliable. We know everyone’s time is valuable, and these new tools will allow for greater transparency and let riders know exactly where their bus is.​​​” says Jamie Acton, Public Transportation Department Director.


Learn more about the new technology:

The new mStop App puts real-time bus information and trip planning in your hands. Quickly and easily access interactive location and schedule information.


  • ​Get accurate arrival time information for any bus stop.
  • Track buses on their route in real-time.
  • View multiple routes and buses at once.
  • Get detailed information about each bus, like how many riders are on board. 

The mStop App can be downloaded on the Apple Store and on Google Play

The new Bus Tracker Web Map is accessible on desktops, tablets, smartphones, or in a text-only format.

  • Provides the same real-time information as the mStop app.
  • Subscribe to text/email alerts so they know where their bus is and when it will arrive​.
  • Customize detour alerts and notices of service interruptions.
  • Personalize alerts to show only your preferred routes.
  • Plan your trip with the trip planner. 

New Digital Information Screens on all buses and at key bus stops and transfer locations.


  • Bus stop screens provide real-time departure and arrival information and share important service-related messaging with the public.
  • In-bus message screens show riders each upcoming stop as the bus approaches, so they know when to get off the bus.​​​

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